When should my child start school? Q and A

Updated: Jun 15, 2019

Each Year around the beginning of the Summer Term - schools are on a mission to get as many children enrolled as possible . I hear time and time again from parents that schools are targeting families to get their child started early for a number of reasons - non in my opinion which are beneficial to the child.

I have seen first hand how the school environment can effect the social and emotional development in children from as young as 3 and this can have long lasting effects on their learning for many years to come. We strongly feel that 3 is too young for a school environment based on evidence and reaseach.

Between the age of 3 to 5 significant changes occur in children and the needs in a 3 year old are still very complex. By the time the child reaches their 4th year we see their skills be enhanced and watch our most confident young learners head off to school . I cannot begin to tell you how many times we have seen children leave us to start school as young as 3, only to have a call from parents asking for their place back as it is all just too much!

We get asked so many questions about whether or not a child should start school early that I decided to use these for this blog post. We are in anyway forcing our opinion on you, however we do believe in choice.

These are genuine questions we have been asked by parents and they are supplied for your information only. Please remember your child should not be a source of funding for a school - they are little people and the choice on whether to start them early should be yours.