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From Real Customers

After viewing numerous nurseries around the area of Beverley and surrounding villages in our opinion, OSHN had something special. As a mum, a connection with the staff that are caring for your child was my main concern and I have to say I felt instant warmth and happiness upon meeting them. 

Luna started in the Nest at 12 months old. She thoroughly enjoyed every day she spent there due to its homely and cosy surroundings.
The staff worked incredibly hard on a weekly basis to create ways of learning through play to keep all the babies engaged and settled.
The way she was looked after and cared for by all the staff at such a young age was very special and I will always be grateful.

Luna transitioned into the Bumble Bee Room with ease. She formed friendships with many of the children and staff very early on. The fun filled interactive and exciting projects that are available to the children, certainly has an impact on their development and character. 

We won’t be leaving the OSHN until Luna goes to school as she continues to thrive now she is a LadyBird.

The effort that goes into the curriculum cannot go unmentioned. To name a few.. the ever changing lay out of the ladybird room for the children that attend multiple days a week keeping them engaged and focused, creative food menu, seasonal projects, creative work spaces and stations, themed weeks for charity, dress up days, the magical Christmas play.. the list goes on. 

They support the children in any way they need possible and push them to their best potential to prepare them for school. They embrace the children’s qualities and individual characters and make nursery a special place for them all. 

Thank you all, OSHN. 

My two boys have both attended the OSHN since they’ve been 1, they are 2 and 3 now. Bobby, my eldest can’t speak highly enough of his nursery. He loves the staff like they’re his family, the friendships he has made are so special. Edward, my youngest, has a real creative side and the OSHN really embrace this and are continuously providing activities in which his creativity can be expressed. When it’s a nursery day and Bobby asks ‘what are we doing today mummy’ and I tell him it’s nursery, both boys resound in a cheer and can’t get dressed quick enough, that says it all to me. That’s the most important thing for my husband and I, that they absolutely love being there.

My son has been at the OSH for almost a year now, situated in the nest. He just loves going to nursery, and sometimes I struggle to get him out of the door at hometime because he’s having too much fun! The team are just amazing, they know him so well, and his development since attending is demonstrable. The introduction of technology such as the app keeps me in touch with his day. It feels like an extended family who not only look after Theo but support me too! I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending attendance for your children!

My son started going to Nursery at the age of 8 months. We don’t have any family nearby so the thought of leaving him was very daunting. Right from the beginning, Sally was so supportive and reassured me he would be in good hands. The Nest is just so wonderful, we are lucky to have such a cosy setting. Every member of staff is so caring and understands the difficulty of starting Nursery. My son knew all their names from a young age and when I went to collect him he was clearly very happy. The staff really take time To talk to me and tell me about his day. They never make you feel like you’re taking too much time to discuss things.
The bumble bee room is the next room to go into. Now that my son is 2.5 years and more vocal, I hear so much about his day and he talks about every
member of staff in a positive way. The staff are interested in his wellbeing and will always tell me a story of what he has done today. My son will even sing me a song that he learnt that day. He picked up a book from the library last week that I’d never seen and read every word in it from start to finish! I was obviously amazed and checked with his key worker- he had been reading that book over the last month. There are lots of lovely surprises like this. The Parentmail app also gives me an account of his day which is lovely to read. The staff worked with him during potty training and were keen to address the challenges we had. What more could you want?! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the OSHN to friends.

My 3 year old daughter joined OSHN in 2016. She is the youngest of two sisters and unlike her big sister, she was very shy, not very talkative and would suffer from separation anxiety when away from me.
Despite her having been at another nursery for two terms, it was after she started at The Old School House, that I noticed a significant and almost immediate change in her behaviour. She started coming home wanting to talk about what happened in class, referring to her teachers and friends in vivid and expressive ways. In a short time, she was quickly able to count to ten and understand sequences and value. At nursery, she was eating all her food (which had previously been an issue) and was very proud to let me know she had done so! At the weekends, she would wake up asking to go to nursery.
As a mother of two kids, who has experienced other nurseries  I can honestly say that this nursery has far exceeded my expectations. The team there has welcomed my daughter with open arms and nurtured her to be confident, articulate and independent – in a very short period of time.
In addition to the merits around the learning curriculum and delivery, all the staff are extremely friendly and accessible. Although I have not always been able to drop my daughter to nursery in person, I have felt very connected to the whole team and I get lots of feedback and communications through the nursery app – these things are important to me. I highly recommend the nursery to any parents looking for the right environment and carers for their little ones.”

Florence has only been with the OSH for 4 months but she absolutely loves it. I feel very confident in leaving my little girl with the girls at nursery as they are all so lovely and work very hard to keep the standards so high. This makes going to work full time feel less stressful for me. Florence has come on so much since attending. I love using the app at the end of the day to find out what she has been up to. 💗

My 4 year old who started school this year, had been at OSHN since she was 10 months old and her brother started at the same age and is still there as a Ladybird. Sending our children to the OSHN is by far one of the best decisions we made. I am constantly amazed by the brilliant, creative and engaging activities for all age ranges and endless amounts of energy, passion and enthusiasm from the staff, who are like an extended family! We’ve never had cause for complaint and have found all the staff and leadership team to be fully supportive with things like health care plans and less glamorous practicalities like toilet training for example! I give OSHN a huge amount of credit for how easy my daughter found her transition to school, in terms of being ready and prepared for such a big step.

My little boy has been going to OSHN for about 6 months and I feel so happy leaving him there. Everyone is so lovely and I know he has so much fun while he is there. I was really apprehensive as we had a bad experience with a Childminder prior to this but I am so much happier now. It is such a lovely place and I would definitely recommend it to anyone and everyone. I love looking at the pictures and seeing what he has been getting up to. Thanks to everyone there 😍

Our little boy Jude has been coming to the OSHN since he was 9 months old and Mummy needed to return to work! My partner and I didn’t even have to have a conversation regarding our childcare preferences as there had never been any other choice in our minds-it had to be the OSHN 😍 It’s really true what they say about this place-no where else compares! 😍 Since his first visit with Michele and the lovely ladies in the Nest Jude has enjoyed each and every day of his Nursery experience 😍 Jude, Mummy and Daddy thoroughly enjoy exploring Jude’s learning journey and revelling in all the fun, creative, imaginative and educational activities that Jude has access to 😍 It’s the little things that Sally, Katie and their team do for the children and parents that really make this place shine 🌟 So thank you for making Nursery a home from home for our beautiful baby boy, for the welcoming smiles and huge cuddles and kisses you give our son each and every morning and most importantly for welcoming us all into your family 💖 Our recommendations couldn’t be any more glowing 🌟🌞👪 Xxx


Why we love The Old School House Nursery

From Real Children

"I love playing with cars and doing lots of music things."

I love nursery because I love being helper - I can set the table and get the dinners for the guys and girls x

"I love nursery because I like drawing -because you can use lots of different things to draw hearts "x

"Making Den's is the best thing to do outside and I like it when we cook food on the fire "

I love the cuddles.... I love going in the office....I love Mimi's Yorkshire Puddings x

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