Value for Money

On Thursday last week I travelled to London for some important training based on the new Ofsted Requirements that are coming in to force later this year.

As I purchased 2 pre packed sandwiches and 2 coffees at the conference and handed over a £20.00 note, I was shocked when the lady said that will be £24.00 please.... Wow! I know £24.00 for a tastless sandwich of ham and salad, and then this got me thinking about value for money in terms of what we get for our hard earned cash these days.

Over the years I am always humbled to hear from perspective parents doing the rounds of visits looking into a nursery place just how lovely our nursery environment is for children and that everyone can see that we really care about our spaces and want them to beautiful to play in, work in and visit.

Whether it be our cosy Nest, engaging Bumble Bees room or inspiring Ladybirds pre school.

One thing comes up time and time again and that is how calming and lovely our nursery is compared to others they have viewed. Gone are the bright colours and plastic furniture and loud patterns and decorations and instead they are introduced to a nursery with calm colours schemes, child inspired decorations and natural materials and wooden furniture.