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OSHN Philosphy


Children are seen as active people in creating their own learning environment within a safe indoor/outdoor program that fosters their well-being and development. We offer a child initiated play based program that stimulates children’s learning, exploration and social connections.

We trust children to make choices. They are recognised as a competent community of learners.


Families are the primary influence on their child’s learning and development. Respectful partnerships between educators and each family are nurtured and valued. Children are given the opportunity to spend quality time with siblings in our setting. All families have the opportunity to discuss the development and wellbeing of their children in a professional and confidential environment.


Our Educators are intentional in their approach to creating meaningful opportunities for learning.Educators explore and share diverse pedagogical practices and experiences. Our Educators are motivated to reflect on and enhance their professional development.


Exploring the local community allows children to develop their sense of belonging. We are dedicated to being active community members, raising funds for local charities and using the local community whenever we can.


Children are encouraged to explore their inherent connection to nature, including dirt, sand and water. We encourage children to form empathy towards all living things through enjoyment of nature and a sense of responsibility within quality environmental programs.The OSHN community are dedicated to promoting and implementing sustainable practices, including edible gardens and reusable, natural and sustainable resources. Inspired by Reggio Emilia, the environment is recognised for its potential to inspire children

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