The Nest

The perfect start for your baby

Starting at the Beginning.....

We know that you will want to be sure that your child is safe and secure in our care and the safety and security of your child is our top priority, too. Before your baby starts at nursery we will be in touch with you so that we can arrange settling in visits and try to understand your babies needs prior to starting.

Our qualified staff will support your child's first few days in the nursery with great sensitivity and we will happily accommodate your family's routines as part of settling in. We'll encourage you to spend time in the nursery on their first visit, providing you with any information you need.

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A Cosy Space for your Baby

At The Old School House we are able to take children from 3 months old in our Nest; a cosy room with lots of natural light and a separate cosy Sleep Area, which is attended at all times. The Children  can explore experiences including sensory, language, imaginative play, and the exploration of materials.   

We create open, empty spaces for our babies to express themselves and from a very young age children work with light boxes and  projectors investigating light and shadow and exploring the shape, colour, texture and form of materials.

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Keeping Parents Involved

We keep you involved in your child’s progress sharing our observations with you through our very own  online-app.  

We document using photos along with comments by your child and you can access these at home and share them with your family. We also meet with you regularly to talk about your child’s development.

Please also look for information on each door about the weekly experiences and our documentation panels on the walls in each room.  We occasionally work on project books of the children’s work which we share with you too.


The Bumble Bees

Our Buzzy Little Nursery Room

Children move on to our Nursery Room  – A place we called the Bumble Bees, a buzzy space where they can explore new experiences including construction, imaginative play, and the exploration of materials.  They are cared for by our qualified staff  who will work with the children on their explorations of drawing, painting and working with clay, dough and other malleable materials.

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We believe by this age children are intelligent, inquisitive learners, eager to make sense of the world around them. This influences how we work with children, supporting them in their discoveries and sharing in their wonder and their ideas by planning in the moment.  


Our Bumble Bees are keen to explore and investigate and their work often develops into long-term projects always being led by the child's interests.

Our role is to support their projects, encourage language and creativity and teamwork. Most importantly we need to give them time to explore and discover in their surroundings and make sure we are on hand to offer extended learning opportuntities when we can.

Hands on Slime

The Ladybirds Pre-School

We dont just prepare children for school - we prepare them for life....


Following on from our nursery room, children move into the Pre-school section where we offer dedicated spaces for construction, exploration, imaginative play, sand & water play, mark-making and working with all the senses. We have Art area's which work as workshops where staff support children’s creative expression.

We offer empty spaces for the children to express themselves through a large range of media.

You will notice too that our spaces frequently change in response to the interests of the children. 

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Child-Led Learning through Projects

We believe that children are capable of leading their own learning supported by experienced, expert staff. We encourage children to develop their own projects so they can make sense of the world and to explore those theories with their friends. We listen to their ideas, take them seriously and help facilitate their research.

This research often develops into project work which is supported by the whole team . Our role is to bring our experience to provide resources, skills, time, space and to help them overcome problems. Our interventions often provoke a new line of enquiry. You can see examples of project work when we display Children’s Voices.


Keeping Parents Involved

We keep you involved in your child’s progress sharing our observations with you through our nursery app. We document using photos and videos along with comments by your child and you can access these at home and share them with your family. We also meet with you regularly to talk about your child’s development.

We update all nursery information on the notice boards to each of the rooms to illustrate the children’s current experiences. 

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Outdoor Explorers

We spend as much time out in the open as we do inside and have the most amazing spaces to discover.

Our Outdoor Explorers Program is a fundamental part of our curriculum. Our program allows children the opportunity to move freely around their learning environment outdoors.

Children are encouraged to make a connection with the natural environment and begin to learn and understand about the world around them. Play amongst nature is incredibly beneficial for children’s wellbeing. Outside children can actively explore, engage with and experience the different types of natural environments that Explorers offer.

The children can be found spending days in our Forest School, preparing vegetables grown in our edible garden , taking care of our plants and herb garden ,using nature to create works of art and celebrating the seasons in our many open spaces. We have a saying at The Old School House which is as long as your dressed for the weather we are heading outside each and every day come rain or shine!

We can often be found picking apples from our apple tree and pressing them to make juice, printing apple shapes on fabric and even make the odd apple pie which we can eat around our fire pit!


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