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Nature Walks with Sally

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

I am delighted to share with you the new programme I am introducing to Pre School this Spring - Nature Walks with Sally.

At The Old School House Nursery we believe in not only helping your child develop a connection with the environment but also with themselves, their peers, and their communities. I have always had a love of the great outdoors and our onsite programme Outdoor Explorers is such an important part of the everyday at our Nursery. As part of our Twenty Year Anniversary Celebrations I am introducing a new programme Nature Walks initally starting with our Pre School Ladybird Group.

Once permission has been granted by parents I will be putting together my small groups to take out each week for a Nature Walk around our community of Sancton.

My aim is to give the children the opportunity to interact, experience, and discover the children's natural surroundings at their own pace.

We will be using some of the local enviroments to explore nature at its very best and I hope from these experiences and discoveries the children will develop the skills and the passion to allow them to become lifelong advocates for the environment in which they live.

Each week will have a new focus on learning and I will try and document some of our walks on our website and community page.

These small groups will also have one to one time with me so that they can question and discuss and be heard and listened to - out in the open air.

For our current nursery families you will recieve a permission form and slip to return to nursery prior to your child being added to the permission list. If you want to join our nursery and would like your child to be included in the Nature Walks Programme then please contact us to book a tour.

As a matter of respect for our environment I will teach and practice the principles of “Leave No Trace.” As we explore and discover together !

Sally X

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