Ask Sally : How to start toilet training

A question we get asked time and time again in our nursery is "when should we start toilet training?" So today, here is the approach I prefer which I will share with you - you can then consider when your child is showing interest in using the toilet.

1. A natural, gradual process Using the toilet is a very natural and gradual process that develops at the child’s pace, rather than when the parent decides the child is going to be toilet ‘trained’.

You can begin very naturally when the child is young, talking with them about their bodily functions as you change their nappy.

It is a normal process and It is also a good idea not to give them a negative feeling towards these bodily functions, for example, by making faces when changing their nappy.

A potty could be available from a young age so the child can sit on it and imitate others in the household, even before they have bladder and bowel control.