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Christmas at The Old School House Nursery

Updated: Dec 12, 2018

We are counting down to all the wonderful things that are happening at our nursery in December - make sure you have saved the dates for your diary so you don't miss a thing!

December 3rd to December 24th - Christmas Jumper Days

December 4th - Singing to Sancton - Community Carols at the village hall

December 5th - Ladybirds Christmas Play Night 1

December 6th - Ladybirds Christmas Play Night 2

December 17th - Santa's Feast

December 12th - Nest Christmas Party = 9.45 Sancton village Hall

December 13th - Bumble Bee Christmas Party = 9.45 Sancton Village Hall

December 14th - Ladybirds Christmas Party - 9.45 Sancton Village Hall

December 17th - Santa's Feast - Christmas Dinner

December 21st - Christmas Dancestars

December 24th - Nursery Closed


January 2nd 2019 - Nursery Re-opens 7.30 a.m.

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