Our Nursery Spaces


The Nest

Age from 3 months to 18 months

We know that you will want to be sure that your child is safe and secure in our care and the safety and security of your child is our top priority, too. Before your baby starts at nursery we offer you a visit so that we can really understand your baby’s needs.
Our staff will support your child's first few days in the nursery with great sensitivity and we will happily accommodate your family's routines as part of settling in. We'll encourage you to spend time in the nursery, providing you with any information you need to feel comfortable about leaving your child with us.

A Beautiful Space for Babies to Grow

The Nest is a cosy space with lots of natural light. 

We create open, empty spaces for children to express themselves and investigate their surrounds as they begin to explore.

Our rhythm of the day is based around each child's needs and lots of sensory based activities. We plan appropriate activities based on each babies age and stage of development - there is always lots of singing too!


The Bumble Bees

Aged 18 months to 2 years 10 months

In our Bumble Bees we offer dedicated spaces for construction, exploration, imaginative play, sand & water play, mark-making and working with all the senses.

We have Creative Area's that allow children’s creative expression. And we offer empty spaces for the children to express themselves.

We believe that children are capable of leading their own learning supported by experienced, expert educators. We encourage children to develop their own theories so they can make sense of the world and to explore those theories with their friends.

We listen to their ideas, take them seriously and help facilitate these through carefully crafted projects led by experienced and dedicated educators.


The Ladybirds

Aged 2 years 10 months to school age


Our curriculum begins with our image of the child as rich in potential, strong, powerful and competent.

This strong image of the child is something we hold as a group of educators; it shapes our expectations of children and means we work with an emergent rather than fixed curriculum, through projects which cross all areas of the EYFS.  

Projects can develop from children’s own interests. We have weekly meetings to discuss what aspects of children’s learning are being supported at any time and how we can extend this further. A single project is likely to have periods in which language development and communication is key, or detailed design and creativity  or mathematical aspects.  A number of projects will develop over the course of a year, so that children’s learning is broad as well deep. Our Projects last for as long as the children are interested, questioning and learning....


Outdoor Explorers

We spend as much time out in the open as we do inside and have the most amazing spaces to discover. We have our own Outdoor Explorer Classroom where children are taught through a specific programme of Nature based activities bringing the outdoors to life through carefully planned projects.

Our Outdoor Explorers Program is a fundamental part of our curriculum. Our program allows children the opportunity to move freely around their learning environment outdoors and in our Outdoor Explorer Classroom.

Children are encouraged to make a connection with the natural environment and begin to learn and understand about the world around them. Play amongst nature is incredibly beneficial for children’s wellbeing. Outside children can actively explore, engage with and experience the different types of natural environments that Explorers offer.

The children can be found spending days in our Forest School, preparing vegetables grown in our edible garden , taking care of our plants and herb garden ,using nature to create works of art and celebrating the seasons in our many open spaces. We have a saying at The Old School House which is as long as your dressed for the weather we are heading outside each and every day come rain or shine!

We can often be found picking apples from our apple tree and pressing them to make juice, printing apple shapes on fabric and even make the odd apple pie which we can eat around our fire pit!


Take a look at our beautiful environments


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